Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I have had some people ask me for my pattern for my diaper cover. So here it is.
I used a G Hook



1.    1.  Ch  60 join w/ sl st careful not to twist
2.   2.   Ch  2, Dc around,  join with sl st
3.    3.  Ch 4 ( counts as Dc and ch-1) *sk next ch, Dc , ch-1* repeat around. Join with sl st
4.   4.   Ch 2 , Dc around.
5. 5.     Repeat  rd  4
6.6.      Repeat rd 4
7.  7.    Repeat rd 4
8. 8.     Repeat rd  4
9. 9.    Now you will make your center. I Dc 15 then turned and made 6 rows and attached to the other side.  When done added white trim by sc st around the leg hole.  And weaved in a ½ inch ribbon through the top band of the cover. (You could make easy adjustments by adding or decreasing chains at the beginning. Also adding or decreasing how many rows you make for length.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My recent project completed. I have seen some skull shawls and decided to make one. After several tries and going off a pattern for a barefoot sandal skull this is what I come up with. I did a second version, pictures are at the bottom.